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Helen Mends works with old textiles to reduce waste

Helen Mends started at farmers markets in Toronto in 2018 mending textiles and making replacements for disposable items from upcycled materials. Since that time we have kept more than 3800 damaged items out of landfill. 

Helen Mends also makes products like makeup wipes, produce and tote bags, coffee filters, menstrual pads and panty liners, cutlery kits, breastfeeding pads, hankies, and seasonal items all using discarded materials. 

Helen Mends is always looking for ways to become more eco friendly. In 2019 we started using a solar powered battery for power at outdoor events. 

During the 2020 Pandemic, Helen and her mother, Cookie, pivoted to making masks. Helen works with the ROSE project ( and together, Helen and Cookie have made over 3000 masks. 

Helen is now living in Montreal. She does local mending and sells her products at stores in Toronto and online. 

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