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New! Artist Collaboration with Nick Schloessin

A few weeks ago I began experimenting with a new technique called freehand machine embroidery. You can put a special bouncing foot on a regular sewing machine and you have the ability to move material around in any direction while sewing. It is used often in quilting.

I wanted to use it to draw images on fabric and use them as patches and pockets. Unfortunately, I quickly realized that I have almost no ability or desire to draw my own images. That's where Nick came in! I went to high school with Nick Schloessin many years ago and have been enjoying his drawings on instagram.

I hope you enjoy his drawings as much as I do and check out more of his work.


Nick Schloessin is a Toronto-based artist and designer who graduated from OCADu in 2018. His work ranges from hand drawn pieces to digital art, logos, and branding. In his spare time he’s always looking for new forms of artistic inspiration from books, movies, and the wide world of comics. You can find all his work on Instagram at the handle @nerckart

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